GSS Piling Ltd and its subsidiaries is a specialist piling, geotechnical and structural contractor, wholly owned by Morrisroe Group Ltd. Its principal activities are carried out under the brands of GSS Piling, Geostructural Solutions and Morrisroe Piling. Its primary contracting operations are concentrated in London, the Southeast and surrounding counties of the UK. The business was established in2004.

The Morrisroe Piling brand provides large diameter cast in situ bearing piles and retaining walls and pile testing services.

The GSS Piling brand provides restricted access mini piling services.

The Geostructural Solutions brand provides geotechnical and structural services in the form of piling, underpinning, structural openings and jacking, groundworks and other above and below ground reinforced concrete and structural steel work services.  These services are often packaged to deliver into single and multi-level basements and superstructure projects.

We undertake design and build projects, providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for clients in the building and civil engineering sectors.  We provide our clients with the highest quality products and services and strive to be a centre of excellence within our market. The Scope of our Management System is associated with core operations and includes our Head Office in Hertford and the plant yard in Radlett.

Our Quality Management System has been designed and developed through the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 to deliver the scopes as outlined below. Our primary aim is to be a profitable organisation, safely delivering products and services to enhance customer satisfaction. We also aim to meet and recognise all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements associated within our industry sector. The context of the organisation has identified the internal and external factors that can impact the strategic objectives of the company. Risks and opportunities have been identified to control our services and associated interested parties.

Our electronic management system is at Issue Level 1 with text working practices, and all required documented information. Process flows are in place to describe key processes performed within the company’s activities and also have a cross functional approach.  Flow Charts and the interaction of processes can be seen in Section 6 of the electronic system.  All clauses of the standard are deemed applicable.

Scope:  Design and installation of piles using various techniques including restricted access situations.  The design of temporary works and provision of structural and geotechnical works above and below ground level including piling, underpinning, structural openings, jacking temporary support and reinforced concrete and structural works.


No part of this management system can be re produced without written consent by the directors

Form QMS03

Issue 11

Creation Date: 18/12/2017

Last Review Date: August 2022